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Tony Campbell

Tony Campbell
  • Republican
  • Age: 52
  • Residence: Baltimore

About Tony Campbell


D.Min., Liberty University M.Div., Liberty University M.S., Social Science, Towson University B.A., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh


Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Towson University.


Trump record
How do you assess the Trump administration so far?
Campbell: Just like other Presidential Administrations, the Trump Administration had to find its footing and its direction. This administration has had a rougher go of it because of the choice to distance itself from establishment institutional knowledge from previous Republican administrations. Economic decisions have been mostly positive except for the latest omnibus spending bill. On foreign policy, the administration has taken stronger approach towards foreign actors who do not share American national interests, so far that policy pivot has worked well with North Korea and China.
2017 Tax Cuts
Do you support or oppose the federal tax cuts passed in 2017? What effect do you believe they will have on the economy?
Campbell: I support the tax cuts. To date, more American have seen an increase in their take home income which has allowed them to become more active consumers in the marketplace. The 1st quarter 2018 GDP growth is projected between 2.5 and 2.8% which is moving in a healthy direction.
National debt
Is the level of national debt a concern? What, if anything, should be done to reduce it or constrain its increase?
Campbell: I believe we should put in place a balanced budget amendment which will begin to reduce the deficit. Decades of spending more than we take in has led increasing budget deficits which has accumulated in a national debt of $20.85 trillion. While it is nominal for a nation state to have a debt, we must be prudent with our ratio of spending to revenue, so our economy keeps growing while keeping our financial sovereignty secure.
Income inequality
Is the level of economic inequality in the United States a problem, and if so, what should the federal government do to address it?
Campbell: I do not think it is within the government’s purview to redistribute resources to make everyone equal. Instead, government should make sure people have the equality of opportunity by reducing regulations and the allowing individuals to succeed rather than through programs which provide subsistence. I am in favor of entitlement reform. While there is a need for a safety net, too many people have accepted living on government assistance as a lifestyle, not as a limited helping hand. I do not believe the phrase “promote the general welfare” means the government should subsidize individual personal expenses through domestic discretionary funding. To me, this leads to subsistence and dependence.
Gun laws
Should federal gun laws be changed, and if so, how?
Campbell: No. I believe the 2nd Amendment is a crucial freedom for citizens to retain a Republic. First and foremost, owning a weapon allows law abiding citizens to protect their property. There are too many laws restricting law abiding citizens from owning weapons. Criminals can get the guns they want no matter what laws are on the books.
What should Congress do with respect to the Affordable Care Act? Should it be strengthened, and if so, how? Should it be scrapped? If so, what if anything should replace it?
Campbell: The Affordable Care Act should be abolished. The national government does not have the authority to mandate health insurance. The 9th and 10th amendments to the Constitution leaves that responsibilities to the states. If states want to provide that service to their citizens, I am fine with that decision on a state by state case.
Urban policy
What role should the federal government play in helping cities like Baltimore?
Campbell: Providing opportunities for economic growth through expansion of enterprise zones. More funding to small and minority owned businesses. A common sense housing policy which rewards home ownership and community development. A community development project which would rehabilitate older housing stack and tear down structurally unsound and abandoned houses. Getting out of the business of mandating school curricula standards such as Common Core, Race To The Top and No Child Left Behind.
What can Congress do to address the opioid epidemic?
Campbell: Congress should provide resources to the states to develop substance abuse programs. The Congress, through its control over trade, should tighten international shipping requirements of opioids coming from China and across the Mexican border.
What changes if any should Congress make to our immigration and deportation laws and policies?
Campbell: Sanctuary Cities – I am against Sanctuary Cites. I think they are unconstitutional because cities do not have sovereignty; only the 50 states and the national government has that authority. In addition, not only do these cities have increased crime and gang activity, they also economically hurt the most vulnerable of our citizens – low skilled and inadequately educated people living in urban areas. There should not be a pathway to Citizenship. A possible solution may be a work / residency status which would be subject to taxation.
Free trade
Should the United States continue with the free trade policies it pursued for the last several decades, or should it enact restrictions in an attempt to help domestic industries?
Campbell: I want our country to put together bi-lateral fair-trade deals. Countries who do not respect our political will are the ones who take advantage of free trade policies.
Do you support the Iran nuclear deal?
Campbell: Iran is a rogue actor and should be treated as a threat to American interests regionally in the Middle East and around the world. Every tool should be considered to make sure the Iran regime follows through on its promises.
North Korea
How should the United States address the rise of North Korea’s nuclear program?
Campbell: North Korea is also a rogue actor and has shown itself to not care about diplomacy and nice talk. North Korea understands force and the threat of action. In the case of North Korea, it is best to mean what you say and be prepared to back it up. Showing resolve and strength is a vehicle to earn respect. North Korea has been bullying its Asian neighbors for decades; North Korea now sees a President who is not afraid to confront bullies.

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