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Chris Chaffee

Chris Chaffee
  • Republican
  • Age: 57
  • Residence: Prince Frederick

About Chris Chaffee


Graduated High School, Studied business and electronics at University of Maryland College Park and Motorola and Test Electronics. Online classes at Hills Dale College on the Constitution


I am a small business owner and work in the construction industry. I developed land in Calvert and St. Mary’s county. I live and work on a farm in Southern Maryland. I have through my work had extensive history with the Maryland Public Service Commission and utility companies. I have also during my work advocated with the Federal Banking commission for fair treatment in regards to small businesses and homeowners on financing. I worked with local and state agencies including Department of Natural Resources and Department of General Services. I volunteered as a coach in Calvert County for Soccer and Basketball where I developed a strong sense of community. I raised my children in the public school system where they have all gone on to attend college in the State of Maryland. I am a lifelong resident of this amazing state and know first hand where the needs are.


Trump record
How do you assess the Trump administration so far?
Chaffee: The Trump administration has put America first as promised. By lowering taxes for all Americans he has put more money is everyone’s pockets. This includes everyone from the federal worker to the Mom and Pop businesses. He has brought back confidence in the small business and real estate market across the nation. He has brought back manufacturing jobs placing America on the same playing fields as China and other countries. He has strengthened our military and increased security including our borders. The pro business position has lead to a huge increase in our stock market. He has brought back jobs and lowered unemployment which is at an all time low. He has fulfilled many of the promises he made on the campaign trail. He is running America like a business and is concentrating on economic growth. My assessment of the Trump administration is that he is truly a man of his word. He is delivering on the promises he made in record time.
2017 Tax Cuts
Do you support or oppose the federal tax cuts passed in 2017? What effect do you believe they will have on the economy?
Chaffee: I support the federal tax cuts passed in 2017. The corporate tax cut has had an invest in America and Americans mindset. It has brought back money that has been parked overseas and it is being reinvested to expand businesses and create jobs. I believe the cut in the corporate rate has had the trickle down effect of increasing salaries, personnel, benefits, and growth. These tax cuts has enabled businesses to put less money out for taxes and more into expansion. On the personal tax cuts the increase in money kept by Americans will allow more time with their families. It will encourage investment in their savings, education and housing. The personal tax cuts is putting more money in everyone’s pockets. As your United States Senator I will make sure that they remain low.
National debt
Is the level of national debt a concern? What, if anything, should be done to reduce it or constrain its increase?
Chaffee: The level of the national debt is a huge concern. For years America has had negative economic trade deals reducing the financial revenues with no reduction of cost, fees or tariffs paid. The UN requires money to be paid, but it has not been being paid by all parties. The imbalance of the money paid by some and not paid by others contributes to the problem. We are on the road to a healthier economy with the changes in tariffs, renegotiation of trade deals and lowering of tariffs paid by the US will make the lowering of the national debt easier. For years we as a country have been on the short end of the stick when it comes to fair trade.
Income inequality
Is the level of economic inequality in the United States a problem, and if so, what should the federal government do to address it?
Chaffee: The level of economic inequality is a problem however this is not a federal government issue. Inequality in any form is a problem, I am a father of four young woman. I believe they should be paid the same as a male with the same job and skill set.
Gun laws
Should federal gun laws be changed, and if so, how?
Chaffee: Federal gun laws should not be changed. Our second amendment is not the problem it is our right. We always concentrate on the losses but 9-11 was carried out with box cutters and planes. This horrific tragedy had losses that touched America at its core. We are a nation that has lost touch with our community, neighbors, friends and family. We have adopted a mindset of “ it isn’t my business”, but it is. We in the past picked up the phone if we noticed our neighbor or their child were doing something wrong or we had a question about. We used to assess a situation and then address it or make a call for help. We as a nation look the other way. This needs to stop, we must reach out to build a community network which will eventually be a national network. We have raised a generation of children who have no respect, consequences, accountability or purpose. We need to address these gaps in society, family, and community to prevent these events from ever happening.
What should Congress do with respect to the Affordable Care Act? Should it be strengthened, and if so, how? Should it be scrapped? If so, what if anything should replace it?
Chaffee: The Affordable Care Act should be scrapped. It was designed to insure everyone and morphed into a government run never affordable healthcare program. We need to go back to basics where companies and corporations supplied their companies healthcare. What is going to make healthcare affordable for everyone who wants healthcare or wants to purchase healthcare. I believe if the economy keeps going forward the companies will offer benefits again in lieu of the Government healthcare systems that is not working.
Urban policy
What role should the federal government play in helping cities like Baltimore?
Chaffee: Cities including Baltimore need help, and needs to be accountable. They receive a lot of money from the States and the federal government from our tax dollars. This money is being misused and mishandled. Throwing federal money at a city that is wasting our tax dollars is useless. Until we have new officials running the city on the budget that they were given, we are wasting time and money. The citizens of Baltimore are the ones being punished, they need to vote Republican and use their voices. The old tax tax spend spend days are over. Baltimore is a beautiful city and the citizens and businesses in Baltimore deserve to have Baltimore great again. The violence in Baltimore including the murder rate and drugs need to be addressed. America was built with immigrants and we love our diversity. Sanctuary cities must end. Let the immigrants come the right way, the legal way and live by the laws that make America great. I would like to see our federal dollars spent on manufacturing, apprentice programs through the school system, and working with companies to employ our youth on internship programs. It will keep the youth off the street, learn skills and develop a sense of purpose and pride. It will also reduce the crime rate. All major cities need to develop these kinds of programs to save their cities.
What can Congress do to address the opioid epidemic?
Chaffee: The drug and opioid epidemic starts in the family. This includes drugs, mental illness, violence, and the lack Jesus Christ in the family. End the war in Afghanistan and burn the poppy fields and it will end the opioids coming into the US.
What changes if any should Congress make to our immigration and deportation laws and policies?
Chaffee: Congress should enforce the laws on the books. We have them and they are ignored. Stop all money to sanctuary cities as they are breaking our laws. Illegals cost this country billions.
Free trade
Should the United States continue with the free trade policies it pursued for the last several decades, or should it enact restrictions in an attempt to help domestic industries?
Chaffee: In the past he open free trade goes only one direction. The trade needs to be equal and for several decades we have been more concerned with being politically correct instead of being fair to the citizens of the US. Restrictions or new trade policies need to be the priority. We need to give our businesses the same financial opportunities as we afford other countries in the US.
Do you support the Iran nuclear deal?
Chaffee: I do not support this and it is a bad deal for national security. All parties that were involve in this deal need need to be investigated.
North Korea
How should the United States address the rise of North Korea’s nuclear program?
Chaffee: Kim Jong-un has declared that his countries nuclear testing is over. Our President is not taking this for granted. This if true would be a huge step towards WORLD PEACE. Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions, and vote Chris Chaffee for US Senate in the Primary on June 26, 2018 I will bring heart and passion to all the needs of Maryland.

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