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Bill Krehnbrink

Bill Krehnbrink
  • Republican
  • Age: 71
  • Residence: Perry Hall

About Bill Krehnbrink


Coppin State University BS Special Education Coppin State Masters - Curriculum & Instruction


Class A mechanic Educator Sports Coach Builder


Trump record
How do you assess the Trump administration so far?
Krehnbrink: Trump administration has gotten results on the promises he made to get elected. I am old enough to recall the myriad political personalities who made lots of promises but provided excuses rather than results. America has been deprived of information by news outlets so individuals like myself really have to work at retrieving factual information as opposed to being fed propaganda from Russia and other sources. Jobs are up significantly for every income and ethnic group, personal and business income for everyone is up significantly, America has now become larger than Saudi Arabia in oil reserves and is challenging Russia as a natural gas supplier. There are other, unpublished, successes.
2017 Tax Cuts
Do you support or oppose the federal tax cuts passed in 2017? What effect do you believe they will have on the economy?
Krehnbrink: I support the tax cuts of 2017. Just as the Robert F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan tax cuts allowed businesses to blossom I believe these tax cuts will repeat history. Employees and businesses will definitely benefit but entrepreneurship will benefit the most. There is a reason what is in your wallet is called your money. Money is power. So the person who earned money should spend it.
National debt
Is the level of national debt a concern? What, if anything, should be done to reduce it or constrain its increase?
Krehnbrink: Congress and the Senate have neglected to produce an annual budget for years. A budget is the simplest yet the most important duty of federal elected officials. The failure to provide us, the citizens, the one’s who authorize the government to exist, with a budget is embarrassing. Congress has been using the treasury of the U. S. A. to provide “stuff” to people essentially buying votes. The EGG Campaign I initiated may have a significant impact on the economy. New Congressman will not be indebted to others and could use normal thinking to produce a balanced budget.
Income inequality
Is the level of economic inequality in the United States a problem, and if so, what should the federal government do to address it?
Krehnbrink: The U. S. government requires permission from its citizens to do anything. Its what makes America unique among nations. The government should not be selecting “winners” like Solyndra. Economic rules, like lacrosse rules, should be known before the first whistle. They should not change at half-time nor should they change during a play. The government should encourage individuals to make a difference in the lives of others, their neighborhoods, and the businesses which surround them.
Gun laws
Should federal gun laws be changed, and if so, how?
Krehnbrink: A change in gun laws is appropriate. Traditionally, gun laws have only affected law abiding citizens and are written that way. Most gun laws target the law abiding population but ignore criminals. Current law lists penalties for all manner of gun law violations but the reality is that the first charge to be dropped is the gun charge. Additionally, the 5 year penalty for possessing an illegal gun is seldom meted out. Filling out a NICS form with an untruth is unprosecuted. Guns protect cops, guns protect security guards, guns protect soldiers, and guns protect Presidents. Why not law abiding citizens?
What should Congress do with respect to the Affordable Care Act? Should it be strengthened, and if so, how? Should it be scrapped? If so, what if anything should replace it?
Krehnbrink: When Maryland controlled healthcare if a problem arose an individual could call the Maryland Insurance Commissioner to attempt relief. If that didn’t work you approached the Maryland Governor. If that didn’t work you harangued your Delegate and State Senator. Just six people. With Obamacare, to make any changes, I must now engage 217 Congressmen and 60 Senators or get a Cabinet Secretary in Washington, DC to change something. Federal control of healthcare is too much. Alaska is not Maryland and one rule won’t do.
Urban policy
What role should the federal government play in helping cities like Baltimore?
Krehnbrink: Let citizens keep and spend their own money. The National government should encourage efficiencies in governance and refuse to permit illegal anything. Criminals who use the mail, Fed Ex, and Western Union to commit crime across state lines need to be caught. Export assistance is vital to established businesses and critical to startups and entrepreneurs. Lord knows there are enough existing plans, programs, loans and grants to boost Baltimore. Coaching or cheerleading is what is needed from the federal government.
What can Congress do to address the opioid epidemic?
Krehnbrink: Make sure doctors know that the problem exists. Educate suppliers enough that they can be part of the solution. Educate the citizenry so that they don’t “just say yes” to an opioid prescription. Enforce existing law.
What changes if any should Congress make to our immigration and deportation laws and policies?
Krehnbrink: Borders are like front doors on a refrigerator. If just anyone can come into your house and open the refrigerator its probably not your house. America, until very recently, was one of the few countries where adherence to the law was of utmost importance. We cherished the law and followed it. I will need 59 other like minded individual Senators to change the law but “legal” needs to be returned to the conversation. Conversation is precisely what is needed. I have initiated the EGG Campaign - Everybody’s Gotta Go so that I may work with a new set of Congressmen.
Free trade
Should the United States continue with the free trade policies it pursued for the last several decades, or should it enact restrictions in an attempt to help domestic industries?
Krehnbrink: The government should not pick economic or industrial winners. However, if America is placed at a disadvantage our government should ensure the playing field and the same rules apply to all competitors. For instance, China steals patents. Its just what they do. It has to end.
Do you support the Iran nuclear deal?
Krehnbrink: No.
North Korea
How should the United States address the rise of North Korea’s nuclear program?
Krehnbrink: Arrange for the North Koreans to deposit their nuclear warheads and their centrifuges with a cooperating nation, China, South Korea, Taiwan, or America. The North Koreans had signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty as well as treaties with the United States concerning the status of their nuclear programs. I would encourage Kim Jong Un to become one of the Fathers of a Unified Korea. It would end the Korean War, free 25 million serfs, eliminate nuclear security concerns but it would increase political tensions between adherents of democracy vs dictatorship.

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