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Diane L. Sengstacke

Diane L. Sengstacke
  • Republican
  • Age: 63
  • Residence: Bel Air

About Diane L. Sengstacke


JD University of Baltimore; AA Paralegal studies Villa Julie College, n/k/a Stevenson University; BS General Studies Dance Core Towson State n/k/a Towson University


Attorney - Principal Member, Sengstacke & Evans, LLC; and President, Home Title Co. of Md., Inc.


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    Glassman record
    What do you consider the greatest accomplishments and failings of the Glassman administration?
    Sengstacke: Glassman’s Admin. accomplishments include 1. Fiscally responsible keeping the AAA Bond rating, giving a long time overdue pay raise to the teachers and police; 2. Bringing an upgrade in technology to H.Co. govt. from the snow truck tracker to online registration for lien certificates/permits; 3. helping to increase jobs and business development with grants & tax incentives, 4. working well with the Sheriff’s department to increase the safety in H. Co. We need to improve 1. increasing our culture, parks and rec programs & facilities, increase the local shopping , hotels & restaurants, tourism opportunities by funding events & capital projects in the county like funding the Maryland Center for the Arts, help the Havre de Grace Opera House, bring in events/concerts/sports events , help improve Cedar Lane fields and/or another venue to bring in sports tournaments and families (prevent them from going to other counties); use the Ripken Stadium, use the Arena Center at HCC, and other gems in our county 2. updating our infrastructure - roads/bridges/ water & sewer 3. funding the opioid crisis help, and 4. funding to employ more security resource officers at our schools.
    Does Harford County have adequate resources to meet its needs, particularly in the funding of public schools and law enforcement?
    Sengstacke: No, we need more funding for our public schools and law enforcement. We need to work with the State and Federal government to increase the funding. 1. School safety is of utmost importance. We need a trained person, Security Resource Officer (not the teachers) at every school or group of schools. We need cameras installed. We need a lock down system/practice drills in place if the need would ever arise. We may need to re-structure some of the open classroom schools for more security. All of this is costly and needs to be properly budgeted. Other sources of funding need to be investigated as well. 2. Besides school safety, I’d like to see increase funding for technology in our schools - use of the interactive “blackboard” in every classroom, laptops for the students to take to and from school for homework, increase communication between students and teachers. 3. I’d like to see increase funding for special programs and extra-curricula activities (sports/clubs/drama/music) , one in particular, is the “middle college” where high school students can take college courses and earn college credit at Harford Community College.
    Land use
    Have the county’s land use policies adequately balanced growth and the preservation of existing communities and agricultural land?
    Sengstacke: Yes, but we need to keep planning for the future. We have just passed a new Master Plan that will help lead us with future growth. The Harford Land Trust and State preservation programs help with land preservation of farms and large acreages of property. But we need to be ready for future growth and not let it happen haphazardly. I think the millennial generation is ready to move out from their parents homes and basements. They will be looking for affordable housing. They will need townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and/or starter homes. We want to provide them a place to live and raise their families in our County. We need to help the builders/developers create the housing opportunities. Lower the permitting fees, so that the costs are not passed through to the consumer.
    How do you rate the county’s efforts to fight opioid addiction overdoses? What else, if anything, should the county be doing to combat the epidemic?
    Sengstacke: We need to do more!! We need to fight and destroy this epidemic. It’s killing our people. We need to stop the supply and demand of the business - 1. catch and prosecute the drug distributions, create the laws to prosecute them for MURDER, strict sentencing for years (not catch and release) that will deter the gangs from coming into this county. But this is a statewide, national wide problem - we need to work with other jurisdictions too! 2. We need to work on the rehabilitation and treatment programs. Help fund them. Try to help the people get off the addiction. 3. Try to help people before they would ever start the drugs. I think this is a spiritual/psychological matter. We need to help churches and synagogues who give spiritual guidance. I probably will be criticized for this, but I would like to see something in the schools. I would love to see prayer brought back to schools. Teach our children at a young age
    Sherrif's office
    How would you characterize the relationship between the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and the communities it serves? Are any reforms necessary?
    Sengstacke: The relationship of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office and its communities is great! We are so very proud of our Sheriff and the deputies. Sheriff Gahler speaks for us. He has been on the national news many times fighting for our rights, protection and safety. He has spoken about the two deputies who tragically died a few years ago, to the opioid crisis, to school safety.
    The Glassman administration is trying to lead Harford County’s formerly all-volunteer fire and emergency medical services to more a professional organization with more paid personnel. How do you rate the county’s effort and what should have or could have done differently in this controversial transformation?
    Sengstacke: I grew up in Baltimore County where the fire and EMS personnel are paid by the County government. I think that will eventually happen in Harford County. But, I understand the controversy and that each local Harford County fire department wants to keep its own autonomy and control their own budget. The local fire halls are concerned about keeping their money. I think there should be collaboration between all concerned and work on a way to guide a transition. Communication is the key. There should be meetings and talks set up with leaders from every fire hall with a professional mediator. There is a lot to consider and everyone needs to understand the others point of view. Perhaps a timeline for transition could be worked out. There are benefits for having the County government involved.

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