2018 Maryland election results

Dave Greenwalt

  • Republican
  • Age: 65
  • Residence: Eldersburg

About Dave Greenwalt


Graduate of: South Carroll High Catonsville Community College


Newspaper Publisher & Editor of the Northern News and various other newspapers throughout my career.


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    Should county government incentivize growth in the county through zoning and, if so, what types of growth (residential, commercial, high density, etc.) should the county focus on and why? What steps should the county take to comply with state-mandated planning requirements?
    Greenwalt: The concern I have for growth in District 5 is if we can supply an adequate amount of water and sewer. We have two business parks that can still be further developed, but we should do so with the focus on recruiting businesses with high paying professional jobs.
    What is your vision/strategy for economic development in the county. What incentives do you think are appropriate to lure businesses/employers to Carroll?
    Greenwalt: We must change the attitude from throwing so many barriers at potential business owners and corporations to welcoming them to our county. We’ve heard that “Carroll is open for business,” from elected officials; now is the time to put that slogan to work.
    CCPS funding
    Approximately 47 percent of the county’s proposed fiscal 2019 budget goes toward Carroll County Public Schools. Do you believe this number is appropriate, too low or too high? Should there be a set percentage of the budget dedicated to public education each year?
    Greenwalt: Historically the portion of the budget for public school has been at 50 percent or slightly less and it served us well. I see no reason to alternate from that figure.
    Do you believe existing revenue sources are sufficient to effectively cover necessary expenditures in Carroll County? Currently a supermajority (4-1 vote) is required to raise taxes. Do you think that is appropriate or should only a simple majority (3-2 vote) be required?
    Greenwalt: Yes, I believe individuals are taxed enough already and any increase in taxes should only be done by a “super majority” of 4-1.
    Charter gov
    Do you support or oppose a move from the commissioner form of government to charter government?
    Greenwalt: Under our current form of commissioner government very few of our laws or wants go through our state legislature. Therefore, it appears there is no urgent need to change to a charter government. The choice should lie with the citizens through the ballot box.
    Emergency services
    Enabling legislation in the Maryland General Assembly gives county government authority over fire and emergency services. What do you see as the best path forward for emergency services in Carroll County?
    Greenwalt: Historically and gratefully, Carroll County has been served by volunteer firefighters. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the brave men and women of these fire departments. We need to continue to support them in order for them to perform their sworn duty to protect us.
    What do you believe county government’s role should be in combating the opioid epidemic?
    Greenwalt: We need to accept that this is a regional problem and begin to organize a coalition of governments with our surrounding county governments (Baltimore, Howard and Frederick). I will work with the Maryland State Police and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department to rid the county of this scourge that threatens our current generation. I want to get the dealers off the street corners and behind bars. At the same time, we need the facilities to treat those who are addicted and want to be cured. We need to make education of the danger of this epidemic a mandatory seminar in schools throughout the county. Those in the medical field that over-prescribe these drugs must also be made aware of the danger and be shutdown if they don’t come in compliance. Alternative recreational activities should be provided to our youths. Activities on the recreational fields as well as the arts. We must accept the responsibility of providing the answers to the interests of this generation of young people.

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