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Katherine Adelaide

Katherine Adelaide
  • Republican
  • Age: 61
  • Residence: Taneytown

About Katherine Adelaide


I have an Associates of Arts degree in General Education, a Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude, with Honors in English, graduated Phi Beta Kappa and a Juris Doctor from the University of Maryland School of Law.


Associate in Zoning and Land Use Law Firm; Office of the General Counsel for M-NCPPC; President, Adelaide & Associates 1991 to Present, professional commercial permit expeditor in Maryland, DC and Virginia; citizen activist for victims of domestic violence and citizens victimized by abusive government, especially through violations of the Maryland Open Meetings Act.


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    Should county government incentivize growth in the county through zoning and, if so, what types of growth (residential, commercial, high density, etc.) should the county focus on and why? What steps should the county take to comply with state-mandated planning requirements?

    Adelaide: As a Republican, County Government should not incentivize growth in the county through zoning. The County should not focus on high density housing or mass transportation, but rather should focus on quality residential and limited commercial development in order to protect the rural, agricultural and historical character of Carroll County. I know how to protect property rights and restrict government overreach which may be happening in the Comprehensive Rezoning Plan currently underway in Carroll County.

    Nobody moved to Carroll County because they wanted government bureaucrats to build a bunch of apartments and low-end housing next to their existing communities. If citizens wanted the trappings of urbanization, they would have simply stayed in places like Owings Mills or Gaithersburg. They do not want it, and, as your Commissioner, I will defend our citizens’ rights to live in communities of THEIR choice, NOT the government’s.

    Regarding State mandated planning requirements, I believe in and follow the rule of law, but I also believe in changing/repealing laws which violate our Federal and State Constitutions.

    What is your vision/strategy for economic development in the county. What incentives do you think are appropriate to lure businesses/employers to Carroll?

    Adelaide: My vision for economic development in Carroll County is to lower taxes, decrease regulation and eliminate bureaucratic red tape which will support existing small business and make the market more attractive for new business.

    Economic development depends on the image of the County and media plays a large role in shaping that image. Therefore, because the media is so influential, it is critical that the media remain impartial in order to promote fair and balanced elections. Historically, the liberal media has attempted to unfairly affect the outcome of elections in traditionally conservative areas by endorsing “liberal” candidates to promote their success and the defeat of “conservative” candidates. This practice is blatantly unethical as is having moderators from said media moderate candidate forums. Liberal candidates endorsed by liberal media ensure that taxes will not be lowered or regulations reduced, thus negatively affecting the economic development in keeping with the rural, agricultural character of Carroll County.

    CCPS funding
    Approximately 47 percent of the county’s proposed fiscal 2019 budget goes toward Carroll County Public Schools. Do you believe this number is appropriate, too low or too high? Should there be a set percentage of the budget dedicated to public education each year?

    Adelaide: Historically, the School budget is around 50% of the total budget, so the 2019 budget is on par with recent budgets. There should not be a set percentage of the County budget dedicated to public education each year. Rather, I will vote to fund any fully justified responsible budget submitted by the school board.

    Our schools must be safe and properly funded. The latest school shootings in Florida and Maryland were acts of domestic violence. Studies are showing that more than half of all mass shootings are domestic violence related. I will continue to advocate for greater awareness about the abuse of power in our homes, churches, schools and government.

    Do you believe existing revenue sources are sufficient to effectively cover necessary expenditures in Carroll County? Currently a supermajority (4-1 vote) is required to raise taxes. Do you think that is appropriate or should only a simple majority (3-2 vote) be required?

    Adelaide: No, the current liberal spending policies of four out of five commissioners, including my opponent, has virtually spent all of the County’s revenue. There is approximately one million dollars left and spending requests for 15-20 million.

    Again, as a Republican Candidate in a Republican primary in accordance with the Republican platform of smaller government and lower taxes, I believe a supermajority is too low a standard and that only a unanimous vote of all five members will suffice to raise taxes. This will guard against the current infestation of RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and liberals trying to turn Carroll County into some other county.

    Charter gov
    Do you support or oppose a move from the commissioner form of government to charter government?
    Adelaide: I 100% OPPOSE a move from commissioner to charter government. At the local level, charter government centralizes power, costs more because it creates yet another level of government bureaucracy and raises taxes. Citizens do not want Charter government. This form of government has been voted down six times in the past. It’s not the form of government, but the implementation at the local level which often leads to corruption The Commissioner form of Government for Carroll County works best. I have seen first hand what Charter government has done to Taneytown and secondarily to Frederick County. Drugs and high water bills run rampant in Taneytown. I have also testified against the attempted government land grab going on in Frederick County
    Emergency services
    Enabling legislation in the Maryland General Assembly gives county government authority over fire and emergency services. What do you see as the best path forward for emergency services in Carroll County?

    Adelaide: Just because the State “enables” something doesn’t mean the County should follow suit like a herd of lemmings over a cliff. It’s the same old “liberal giberal” we have a problem, let’s grow the government; the problem gets bigger, let’s grow the government some more, no Not in a Republican county during a Republican Primary. Let’s stop the madness and get back to Faith-based caring communities which will solve social problems better than an ever growing government bureaucracy draining the taxpayers.

    Regarding Volunteer Emergency Service Personnel, I support real incentives like tax breaks and tuition discounts for volunteers. Also, we need to increase our recruiting efforts in the high schools. Volunteer fire departments provide an intangible community benefit which helps fight drugs and other social problems that should not be lost through government controlled services.

    What do you believe county government’s role should be in combating the opioid epidemic?
    Adelaide: Prevention is the key, followed by treatment and enforcement as the three prongs to the drug crisis. You do not solve a drug problem by introducing more drugs into the County. I will continue to lead and to lobby against recreational pot at the local, county and state level to help prevent another generation of opioid addicts. I will further address the epidemic of opioid and other drug abuse by respecting the proper role of God in our families and government. I will support faith-based initiatives to address the spiritual/emotional needs at the core of alcohol and drug abuse. I will utilize Public Service Announcements to encourage all citizens take free training in the administration of noxalone through Operation Save-A-Life (call 410-876-4800) and to get involved in community wide education efforts. Vote Adelaide for Commissioner on June 26th, because if you don’t vote in the Primary, then your vote won’t count.

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