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Kevin Francis Marron

Kevin Francis Marron
  • Democrat
  • Age: 63
  • Residence: Parkville

About Kevin Francis Marron


8 yr St. Rita 1 yr Dundalk Jr. 3 yr Dundalk Sr. 2 yr DCC Professional Designation Real Property Administrator BOMI Facility Property Administrator BOMI Dual Designate RPA/FMA Building Operations Management Institute = Current


I have been with Baltimore Gas & Electric since 1981 serving in the Real Estate & Property Management field as a tech, Sr. Coordinator, Furnishings Coordinator ,Special Projects Coordinator and Project Manager, Analyst, Supervisor . I’ve also been Region II Chairman for USA/ABF for the US Olympic Committee from 1989 through 1993 and also served as Treasurer/Registration Chairman /Vice President for South Atlantic Boxing 1988 through 1992. I’ve been a chairman of various Recreation programs & serve on the Board of Directors for Parkville Recreation Council since 1997


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    Kamenetz record
    What do you consider the greatest accomplishments and failings of the Kamenetz administration?
    Marron: Kamenetz has maintained the tax rate. I guess he has kept us out of War, which would be his best accomplishment. He has also not been indicted for bribery or tax issues. He was more successful than his mentor Ted Venetoulis able to collect salary of the County Executive for eight years before failing to become Maryland Governor. His greatest Failure was his lack of service as a County Executive ,he served eight years as a candidate for Governor of the State of Maryland . he led the County to actually lose the entire Southeast County to become a Republican stronghold something even Spiro agnew failed to accomplish.
    Does Baltimore County have adequate resources to meet its needs, particularly to renovate or replace aging schools? Do you support increasing the property tax or local income tax?
    Marron: I feel the resources can be found without a tax increase,however we need a complete audit with consequences. I mean elimination of corporate welfare recall some of the tax incentives. Trade Point Atlantic and Greater Towson deal needs audit and possibly cancel some of the sweetheart deals that were given away, which might call for legal action. .The new Baltimore County which many of globalist Hedge funds & developers plan of Baltimore County is geared for should be examined with possible criminal action. The supposed 10,000 new jobs that will pay average of $30,000 former Gov O’Malley & now Johnny O take pride in selling to citizens has a serious downside. O’Malley, Kamenetz & Blake knew that the going minimum wage was supposed to be $15.00 by 2020 when they first working with Hedge funds shut down the Point. They promoted South east Baltimore would be so much better off instead of $7.25 jobs & $20,000 jobs around Sparrows Point their NEW developers promised $30,000 a year jobs by 2020. I said it then in 2011, they were basically promising to destroy the entire Point and replace it with minimum wage Roll on Roll off car drivers . They weren’t lying Baltimore County was in on the Johns Hopkins social engineering for the Newcomers .$15.00 an hour x 40 hours is $30,000 yearly. I need to get in there and reorganize our priorities.
    Do you support Baltimore County's federal housing consent decree? In particular, do you support a prohibition on rental discrimination against those who use federal housing vouchers?
    Marron: No I don’t .This program was pushed unsuccessfully by Venetoulis, kamenetz mentor, it isn’t a discrimination stopping program, it is a developer based program that intentionally using presentation skills paints a picture of discrimination. I feel it’s even misunderstood by those vocally against it. People should realize , great Urban Development of Baltimore County that Kamentz celebrated , fifty years recently is basically same blue print used to create apartheid in South Africa. They used plans to let the workers mine & build the great cities but kept them in certain areas, some where there families were only allowed to visit, plans also were used for the Gentrification in Portland, right out of Baltimore County playbook. Folks, since Clinton’s there has been work going on to create a new place for refugees in America, for the political and hedge fund investment ,they have well written plans by many great people, grants etc. come with plan. Northern Baltimore County will stay rural,& southeast & west Baltimore County will feel the growth. They protect rural Baltimore County with successful apartheid rules, substituting sewage rules to limit building. Many of these vouchers weren’t going to inner city residents, again they are used, plans like these developed nationally call for new middle class, many non English speaking Newcomers are the targets of those vouchers. Hispanics don’t realize, like inner city blacks, illegal refugees are targeted to get these vouchers.
    School system
    Does the county government exercise adequate oversight over the school system?
    Marron: No ,we need to overhaul the system we need to call out the MSDE Bullying and lies which force the testing and misuse of students & teachers time in the class room to get private companies wealth .
    What role can the county play in assisting in the preservation or revitalization of aging communities?
    Marron: We can utilize the many advances in building restoration and provide incentives for individuals to restore houses to retain significant building envelopes of many houses and incorporate the modern efficient HVAC & lighting innovations to make existing houses last another 60 to a hundred years. The amount of small businesses we could create that could grow out of LOCAL residents getting employment starting small companies where younger and older people could get hands on retraining in building skills that could transform lives and give people the pride to start over .Renovated housing by small companies should get tax incentives and grants ,we should seek to bring in National companies to try out new products in local businesses.
    How would you characterize the relationship between the Baltimore County police and the communities they serve? Are any reforms necessary?
    Marron: The society has broke down because the priorities and requirements of policing has broke down. In an overly no faced development community large builders have drawn up the laws it seems towards littering,tresspassing and taken away recreation.The Recreation of citizens 15 through 55 is neglected as a targeted community by Baltimore County .This county in the Fifties & sixyies was the model for Education/Recreation facilities with Schoolds being planned as 24 hour community centers .Somewhere in the mid to late seventies Recreation started losing many fields and buildings and principals became kings of the school castle. This was compounded by the success of the Programs for aging which basically took the funds out of Recreation & Parks to form the Department of Aging. Combine the Department of education increase & the Department of Aging and the Senior Centers the Department of Recreation is a sham for people between 15 years of age and 55 year. We need a commitment to space creating volunteerism and use of facilities so that more Drop in ,pick up leagues are started throughout the county. BCPD shouldn’t be used to CHASE people away they should be used to provide safe locations where all no matter how they dress ,color ,age want to come hang around and enjoy our county .The MOVE ALONG ,Cattle Rustling we force our police to do now creates a vacuum that will be filled ,BY GANGS .
    Baltimore County was a pioneer in rural land preservation. Do its zoning policies and the Urban-Rural Demarcation Line continue to serve the county's needs?
    Marron: No , this needs to be looked at ,the amount of people squeezed into certain areas 90 % living on 30 % of the land is wrong if the tax incentives & laws to develop the 30% of land is given to NEW building instead of smart renewal. We need to look at stopping creating developer millionaires and billionaires and create a self sufficient county. Instead of forcing use of every part of 30% land open space in the county being developed redevelopment should take place. we could build the county as a tourist center and I feel that Trade Point Atlantic agreement should be opened up for inspection. Is that the best place to put Under Armor & Amazon? if it is why aren’t they paying there freight. There are new designed cities that we might be able to use that land as a manufacturing tax income producing site. plus Amazon & Under armor should pay for the infrastructure improvements or let me find some companies that will. It would serve better as a car maker or steel maker than a minimum wage low income job producer. You can do many things without the dreaded pollution that developers use to scare away innovation. Folks we have been had ,10,000 new students are all pretty much refugees, those of us who lived here are forced to move on by PLANNED low paying jobs
    Baltimore City
    Is Baltimore County's support for cultural institutions in Baltimore City too little, too much or just right?
    Marron: Baltimore County suffers from the lack of support for it’s cultural institutions. We have had eight years of an executive pandering for the city vote in his role for governor. We should build a partnership where tourists plan their visits around visiting Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Baltimore County has NO respect for tradition. Allowing Towson State College to disband one of the USA most historic Soccer programs was a sin that must be changed. Towson Soccer had a major part in saving the US during World war II to see academics belittle the contribution so that most of Baltimore knows nothing about it’s contribution to saving the United States Army is a total tragedy. We need a combined effort to rebuild Baltimore City by building up Baltimore county as a tourist location ,it must stop being land of the PUD which always seems to favor the developer.
    Is Baltimore County adequately served by mass transit?
    Marron: Yes ,fact is Baltimore County is underserved by planning of jobs. We need a development of more jobs in neighborhoods it shouldn’t be just a landing pad for cheaper housing for them working in Wash ,Virginia. We need a government that wants to build Baltimore County for Baltimore County residents ,show off what we already have redevelop areas we already have ,the whole Middle River area development should not be only apartments and townhomes. make neighborhoods increase recreation and make this a county for the people not the developer. Our water front should be expanded as a tourist location more little shops.

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