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Deb Sullivan

Deb Sullivan
  • Republican
  • Age: 60
  • Residence: Rosedale

About Deb Sullivan


Graduate of Baltimore County Public Schools.


Co-owner Sullivan & Sons, Inc (family business)- Secretary since 1984 to present, BCPS Title 1 Program - Teacher’s Aide 1986-1992, Sears, Roebuck & Co. - Sales & HR Trainer 1992-1997, John’s Hopkins University- Patient Service Coordinator (outpatient Oncology) 1997-2006, owner of Sweet Fixation (candy / gift shop) 2006-2013.


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Kamenetz record
What do you consider the greatest accomplishments and failings of the Kamenetz administration?
Sullivan: Accomplishments: built some new schools, air-conditioned some schools, built some parks Failings : outsourcing services which has lost the County $$$$$$$ over the 7+ yrs under his leadership, There are schools still without air-conditioning, schools overcrowded, school education program lacking in discipline and strong education programs, failing infrastructure, over-development across the county, some schools still in deplorable condition that were scheduled to be remodeled but weren’t, superintendent of BCPS hired, fired, indicted under his watch, rain-tax continued under tenure, East side of Baltimore County crime, rat infestation, and littered (remarkable compared to other areas of the County)
Does Baltimore County have adequate resources to meet its needs, particularly to renovate or replace aging schools? Do you support increasing the property tax or local income tax?
Sullivan: I think that there needs to be an audit of the County Budget, to see where funds were spent, where funds were moved from one designation to another. We would need to see if misappropriation of funds allocated for schools has been an issue. Otherwise, schools that have been on the list to receive renovations such as Dulaney and Landsdowne, should of received them. All schools should have been air-conditioning, as planned. There are definit concerns as to the upkeep and condition of schools. There has been outsourcing of services by this administration, where those funds have been much needed here within the County. I think there should be a full accessment of the budget and spending, before taxes are increased. It seems like There are definet discrepancies between various communities East to West, and the care of their communities and roadways, and infrastructure. Certain County employees pensions and retirement plans are increased, yet schools and roadways are deficient. There needs to be a total review planned to tighten up the County’s budget before any tax increase.
Do you support Baltimore County's federal housing consent decree? In particular, do you support a prohibition on rental discrimination against those who use federal housing vouchers?
Sullivan: I would need to obtain more information on the County’s federal housing consent decree.
School system
Does the county government exercise adequate oversight over the school system?
Sullivan: I do not think that the County Government excercises adequate oversight over the school system. There are a lot of discipline issues in our school buildings. There are too many disruptions in over-crowded schools. School Resource Officers are not allowed to do their jobs in the schools. Students are afraid, as well as teachers, bus drivers, school support staff. The school system needs more involvement by the County, working together, in order to get schools up to standards both with discipline and education.
What role can the county play in assisting in the preservation or revitalization of aging communities?
Sullivan: The County could meet with the various communities, help access needs and wants of the citizens, as well as community organizations. Together create a plan, and Review the cost of implementation of the plan. Determine funding availability and other resources that could help fund the plans.
How would you characterize the relationship between the Baltimore County police and the communities they serve? Are any reforms necessary?
Sullivan: I think there are strained relationships in some communities between BC Police and the community. It is worse in some communities, over others. There needs to be a plan created to have a greater police presence and interaction with citizens of all ages. Communities would have to build better relationships through more positive interaction between Police officers and residents. There needs to increased opportunities created for this interaction, by way of community events, community meetings, Police on patrol, etc…
Baltimore County was a pioneer in rural land preservation. Do its zoning policies and the Urban-Rural Demarcation Line continue to serve the county's needs?
Sullivan: I think that Baltimore County has become over developed through this last administration. There seems to be less and less land preservation in certain areas. Many housing developments and commercial development. Yet lots of vacant commercial buildings. The County needs to develop more responsibility and orderly. So, I do not think that the Urban-Rural Demarcation continues to serve the County.
Baltimore City
Is Baltimore County's support for cultural institutions in Baltimore City too little, too much or just right?
Sullivan: It certainly looks like Baltimore County adequately supports cultural institutions in Baltimore City with a 2019 proposed budget of $3.9 million to support Arts and Cultural organizations.
Is Baltimore County adequately served by mass transit?
Sullivan: It appears that Baltimore County is adequately served by mass transit. There are often fairly empty mass transit buses serving the communities of Baltimore County.

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