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Scott MacMullan

Scott MacMullan
  • Democrat
  • Age: 37
  • Residence: Annapolis

About Scott MacMullan


I graduated from Villanova University. After that I earned my Juris Doctorate from Widener University School of Law with a concentration in environmental law.


I clerked for the former head judge of Anne Arundel County, The Honorable Nancy Davis-Loomis. I’ve been a general practitioner for 7 years now. I’m proud to have received an award for most pro bono hours given in Anne Arundel County in 2013.


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Should the county develop small area plans as part of the upcoming General Development Plan and Comprehensive rezoning process?
MacMullan: Yes, the county should develop small area plans. Those plans contained recommendations for future land use; facility and infrastructure needs; and areas to be targeted for revitalization, mixed-use development or land preservation. The 16 Small Area Plans were the byproduct of months – in some cases, years – of work on behalf of committees comprising community leaders. The problem is that many times these small area plans were not followed. We need to make sure these plans have more teeth to them. The planning and zoning office needs to have more oversight to make sure they are following the GDP and the Council must be held accountable to following the GDP.
The Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County continues to advocate for a return of step increases given up during the 2008 recession. Should the County Council fund these increases?
MacMullan: The County Council does not directly fund step increases. The Council funds education and then the School Board and TAAAC negotiate salary increases. I would fight and advocate to fully fund our schools and educational needs. My experience in the community and on boards would help me build coalitions necessary to get the requisite votes to do this.
Do you support maximizing revenue under the county tax cap, or seeking additional revenues to support increased spending on education, public safety or other initiatives?
MacMullan: I will support and advocate for additional education, environmental and public safety measures. In Anne Arundel County we need to first make sure we are maximizing additional revenue sources in the most efficient way. It is a priority that we fully fund our schools, first responders and invest in preventative and long term solutions to combat the opioid epidemic that is disproportionately hitting Anne Arundel County.

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