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Ray Leone

Ray Leone
  • Non-Partisan
  • Age: 55
  • Residence: Edgewater

About Ray Leone


  • Some College
  • Veteran
  • USAF Electronics School Keesler AFB MS


  • Past President Maryland PTA, Anne Arundel PTA
  • Cable TV installation, Repair, Design and Management.
  • Self Employed Distribution agent Baltimore Sun in AA County.
  • Currently Retail Management.


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Teacher raises
The Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County continues to advocate for a return of step increases given up during the 2008 recession. Should the Board of Education fund these increases?
Leone: We need to bring the teachers pay steps back into line with their longevity level, and further in line with neighboring jurisdictions. This needs to be done to stem the tide of teachers leaving this county and teaching elsewhere for better pay. I believe that keeping teachers in our county for longer tenures will help us close the achievement gap. We also need to provide better Professional Development with a focus on understanding communities, poverty issues, and outside influences on student learning.
School security
The county has committed to additional funding for school security. How do you want to see this money spent?
Leone: We need to spend this extra money on additional camera and video surveillance equipment and monitoring personnel, enhanced door locks, and active shooter training for students. We do not need to arm teachers or bring airport style metal detectors into schools, SRO’s trained in how to handle students, special education situations and tactical situations involving hundreds of students is something that I would like to see in every school. Active Shooter training will give the students a blueprint for how to think and react in these situations and would carry over into other public venues like the Mall, Concerts and College.
Parents have complained to the current board about bullying at schools. How do you feel the board should address this issue?
Leone: The Board of Education should give clear instruction of expectations to the Superintendent. Set measurable goals to track progress. Listen to parent concerns in a respectful manner and expect prompt follow up on issues by school system personnel. To be clear the Board of Education hires the Superintendent and sets expectations via the contract. Sets policy under which the Superintendent operates and directs his staff and reviews policy and regulation regularly. The board is responsible for monitoring the Superintendent’s progress on addressing these types of issues and any concerns brought before it.

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