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Tom Gardner

Tom Gardner
  • Republican
  • Age: 57
  • Residence: Glen Burnie

About Tom Gardner


Bachelor’s Degree – Applied Science and Technology – Thomas Edison State University, 39 Credit Hours from Anne Arundel Community College.


23 years as an Army Aviator achieving the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 5 (Ret), Retired CIO for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, Program Manager for Xerox State & Local Government, Director of Government Service for The Canton Group Past Chairman of the Anne Arundel County Spending and Affordability Committee Board of Directors – Tipton Airport Authority Co-Founder and President of Collective Technology Consultants.


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Should the county develop small area plans as part of the upcoming General Development Plan and Comprehensive rezoning process?
Gardner: The concept of using small area planning is a step in the right directions when doing comprehensive planning, however we must make sure the right balance of community members and leaders are involved in the planning. I support a General Development Plan that will not over burden, our infrastructure, schools, first responders, and nature or human resources.
The Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County continues to advocate for a return of step increases given up during the 2008 recession. Should the County Council fund these increases?
Gardner: I would support step increases moving forward if they are budgeted for and the economy allows for such an increase.
Do you support maximizing revenue under the county tax cap, or seeking additional revenues to support increased spending on education, public safety or other initiatives?
Gardner: Anne Arundel’s tax cap was enacted after overwhelming voter support and has been in place for years. I don’t think the residents would not take kindly to having their cap changed. Unlike some of our neighboring counties are asking some of their public-sector employees to take a pay cut to balance their budgets. Our county is in great shape because of wise fiscally conservative decisions. Because of these decisions we will be able to meet our education and public safety needs in addition I plan on pushing for a 3 percent cut in property tax and the elimination of the Rain Tax.

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