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Laticia Hicks

Laticia Hicks
  • Non-Partisan
  • Age: 45
  • Residence: Crofton

About Laticia Hicks


I hold a B.A. in Criminology with a minor in political science from the University of Miami, a M.P.A. and a certificate in HR policy and management from Florida International University, and a M.A. in education from New Jersey City University.


Educator Civil Servant


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Teacher raises
The Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County continues to advocate for a return of step increases given up during the 2008 recession. Should the Board of Education fund these increases?
Hicks: In 2008, Teachers demonstrated their commitment and dedication to the children and families of this county by agreeing to temporarily forgo raises until the economy got back on track. To date, the county executive has not offered a plan to compensate the teachers for that sacrifice. To retain and recruit qualified and effective teachers, step increases must be funded. The county must show that they respect and appreciate the invaluable work educators do for the development of young minds and the future of our community.
School security
The county has committed to additional funding for school security. How do you want to see this money spent?
Hicks: In addition to hard security measures such as cameras, redesigning school entrances to limit direct access to the school, and increasing school resource officers, I think a majority of the funding should be spent on proactive measures to create safe and secure schools. Those strategies should include hiring an adequate number of counselors, psychologist, and other mental health professionals; reducing teacher-student and student-counselor ratios, implementing school-wide violence prevention programs, and implementing an anonymous reporting system.
Parents have complained to the current board about bullying at schools. How do you feel the board should address this issue?
Hicks: The board should address bullying by taking seriously all reports of bullying or harassing behaviors and they should work to quickly to address those violations. The board should also address bullying by expanding their anti-bullying policy to include strategies to influence positive student behavior and improve the school climate beyond discipline measures such as implementing character education programs. Other strategies include training for students, teachers, and staff on how to appropriately recognize and respond to reports of bullying or incidents. Efforts should be made to promote effective preventive and intervention approaches such as counseling and support services. Anonymous reporting systems have also shown to be effective in other districts. Furthermore, there should be a review of the current anti-bullying policy and procedure to determine its effectiveness and its ability to protect bullied students and their families.

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